We wish you a warm welcome to Padua for the 16th Annual International Biocuration Conference (Biocuration 2023): a forum for curators, developers, and users of clinical and life sciences data, knowledge, and models to discuss their work, promote collaboration, and foster the community around this active and growing area of research. We are delighted to see participation from academia, government, and industry as well as diverse interest in the tools, methodology, and philosophy of curation that will surely lead to memorable and forward-looking conversations and experiences at the conference.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors, who have been integral towards the execution of the conference and many of its events. We thank the journal DATABASE for hosting a virtual issue corresponding to the conference (https://academic.oup.com/database/pages/biocuration_virtual_issue). We thank F1000 researchers for providing a platform for publishing posters and oral presentations (https://f1000research.com/collections/biocuration).

Finally, we would like to thank the International Society of Biocuration (ISB) for its support. The ISB is a non-profit organization for curators, developers, and researchers with an interest in biocuration. The society promotes the field of biocuration and provides a forum for information exchange through meetings and workshops.

We hope that by attending this meeting, you too will feel welcomed into our biocuration community.

Best wishes, The Biocuration 2023 Organizing Committee



Contact the organizers at any of:

Organizing Committee

Name Affiliation ORCID Twitter

† Committee Chair

Scientific Program Committee

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† Committee Chair


General Information

Conference Badges

Please wear your name badges at all times to promote networking and to assist staff in identifying you.

Venue Wifi

The password for the venue’s network Biocuration2023 is Conference2023!.

Social Media Policy

To encourage the open communication of science and biocuration, we would like to support the use of social media at this year’s conference. Please use the conference hashtag #biocuration2023 either on Mastodon or Twitter. For poster sessions, please check with the presenter to obtain permission for sharing their work.

Poster Sessions

Two consecutive poster sessions will be held on Tuesday, April 25th. The first poster session from 16.00-17.00 will feature even-numbered posters. The second poster session from 17.00-18.00 will feature odd-numbered posters. Abstracts can be found at https://biocuration2023.github.io/abstracts.

Social Events

Please visit https://biocuration2023.github.io/social for more details.

Ground Transportation

Please find a list of local taxi numbers below:

  • RadioTaxi (+39 049.651333; https://www.taxipadova.it/services/radiotaxi/)
  • AppTaxi (https://apptaxi.it/en/padua/)
  • Padua Taxi (+39 049 4906001; https://padova-taxi.it/)

Note that Uber and Lyft are not available in Padua.

Bike riding is very common in Padua, and we recommend this bike sharing app: RideMovi

Padua’s tourism website has links to public transport info, as well as car sharing service and other bicycle sharing/rental options. Please visit Moving around Padua for more details.



Biocuration 2023 is proudly sponsored by the following organizations. Additional information can be found at https://biocuration2023.github.io/sponsors:



Additional information on the schedule can be found at https://biocuration2023.github.io/schedule.



Oral Presentations

Long Talks

Lightning Talks



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