All times are given in Central European Summer Time (CEST) using the standard 24 hour clock. ⚡ denotes a lightning talk (10 minutes, including Q&A). 🎞️ denotes a long talk (20 minutes, including Q&A).

See here for information about pre-conference workshops, occurring both on Sunday evening (the day before the conference) and on Monday (the morning before the conference).

Standards 1 (Monday, April 24th, 16.30-18.00)

Session Chair: Frédérique Lisacek (orcid:0000-0002-0948-4537)

Time (CEST) Title
16.30-16.50 🎞️ Human-pathogen interaction networks: IMEx’s approach on the contextual metadata of the experimental evidence.
Kalpana Panneerselvam
16.50-17.10 🎞️ Gene Ontology Causal Activity Models (GO-CAMs) for human biology
Patrick Masson
17.10-17.30 🎞️ The Knowledge Graph Development Kit
David Osumi-Sutherland
17.30-17.40 ⚡ ICGC-ARGO Data Submission Workflow - Integration of data validation and submission to accelerate the data curation and improve the data quality
Qian Xiang
17.40-17.50 ⚡ Developing Standards for Biocuration & Interoperability of Genetic Variation Data in Agricultural Research
Marcela Tello-Ruiz
17.50-18.00 ⚡ Multiplexed scRNA-seq Experiments in Biocuration
Yalan Bi

FAIR 1 (Tuesday, April 25th, 10.00-10.30)

Session Chair: Deepak R. Unni (orcid:0000-0002-3583-7340)

Time (CEST) Title
10.00-10.10 ⚡ APICURON: standardizing attribution of biocuration activity to promote engagement
Federica Quaglia
10.10-10.20 ⚡ scFAIR: Standardization and stewardship of single-cell metadata
Frederic B. Bastian
10.20-10.30 ⚡ Resolving code names to structures from the medicinal chemistry literature: not as FAIR as it should be
Christopher Southan

FAIR 2 (Tuesday, April 25th, 11.00-12.30)

Session Chair: Deepak R. Unni (orcid:0000-0002-3583-7340)

Time (CEST) Title
11.00-11.20 🎞️ GigaDB: Utilising ontologies to curate data publications
Christopher Hunter
11.20-11.40 🎞️ KG-IDG: A FAIR Knowledge Graph for Illuminating the Druggable Genome
J. Harry Caufield
11.40-12.00 🎞️ A 20 year perspective on FAIR and TRUST-worthy Human Disease Knowledge Representation.
Lynn M Schriml
12.00-12.10 ⚡ FAIR Wizard: Making the FAIRification process accessible
Wei Kheng Teh
12.10-12.20 ⚡ Providing Expanded Contextual Metadata for Biological Samples using Both Geographic and Taxonomic Factors
Peter Woollard
12.20-12.30 ⚡ Making expert curated knowledge graphs FAIR
Jerven Bolleman

Applications 1 (Tuesday, April 25th, 13.30-14.30)

Session Chair: Philippe Le Mercier (orcid:0000-0001-8528-090X)

Time (CEST) Title
13.30-13.50 🎞️ Biocuration in DisProt, the manually curated database for intrinsically disordered proteins
Maria Victoria Nugnes
13.50-14.10 🎞️ The Comprehensive Antibiotic Resistance Database - Curating the Global Resistome
Brian Alcock
14.10-14.30 🎞️ Annotation of biologically relevant ligands in UniProtKB using ChEBI
Elisabeth Coudert

Applications 2 (Tuesday, April 25th, 14.45-15.45)

Session Chair: Michael Baudis (orcid:0000-0002-9903-4248)

Time (CEST) Title
14.45-14.55 ⚡ The landscape of microRNA interactions annotation in IMEx: analysis of three rare disorders as case study
Simona Panni
14.55-15.05 ⚡ Medical Action Ontology (MAxO) development and tool implementation for the annotation of Rare Disease (RD)
Leigh C Carmody
15.05-15.15 ⚡ Improved Insights into the SABIO-RK Database via Visualization
Dorotea Dudaš
15.15-15.25 ⚡ The Human Microbiome Drug Metabolism (HMDM) Database
Amogelang Raphenya
15.25-15.35 ⚡ Phenopackets for curated repository data over Beacon v2 Progenetix database
Ziying Yang
15.35-15.45 ⚡ Unifying Protein Complex Curation across the Diversity of Species
Sandra Orchard

AI and Text Mining 1 (Tuesday, April 25th, 13.30-14.30)

Session Chair: Jennifer Harrow (orcid:0000-0003-0338-3070)

Time (CEST) Title
13.30-13.50 🎞️ ACKnowledge: expanding community curation to include fact extraction using artificial intelligence
Valerio Arnaboldi
13.50-14.10 🎞️ Machine Learning for Scalable Biocuration
Jane Lomax
14.10-14.20 ⚡ BioKC: a collaborative platform for curation and annotation of molecular interactions
Carlos Vega
14.20-14.30 ⚡ Building a reference dataset of single-cell RNA-Seq data for training Machine-Learning algorithms
Anne Niknejad

AI and Text Mining 2 (Tuesday, April 25th, 14.45-15.45)

Session Chair: Tiago Lubiana (orcid:0000-0003-2473-2313)

Time (CEST) Title
14.45-14.55 ⚡ Curating species descriptions for the digital age
Peter Uetz
14.55-15.05 ⚡ eMIND: Enabling automatic collection of protein variation impacts in Alzheimer’s disease from the literature
Samir Gupta
15.05-15.15 ⚡ Machine-assisted curation of molecular mechanisms using automated knowledge extraction and assembly
Benjamin M. Gyori
15.15-15.25 ⚡ Assessing the Use of Supplementary Materials to Improve Genomic Variant Discovery
Emilie Pasche
15.25-15.35 ⚡ A Framework for Assisting MeSH Vocabulary Development at the National Library of Medicine: Reliably Identifying Literature Containing New Chemical Substances
Rezarta Islamaj
15.35-15.45 ⚡ Predicting protein metal binding sites with artificial intelligence and machine learning in UniProt
Rossana Zaru

Community 1 (Wednesday, April 26th, 10.00-10.30)

Session Chair: Monica Munoz-Torres (orcid:0000-0001-8430-6039)

Time (CEST) Title
10.00-10.10 ⚡ A complete draft human gene functionome from large-scale evolutionary modeling and experimental Gene Ontology annotations
Marc Feuermann
10.10-10.20 ⚡ Towards making sense of glycan-mediated protein-protein interactions
Catherine Hayes
10.20-10.30 ⚡ Wikidata as a tool for biocuration of cell types
Tiago Lubiana

Community 2 (Wednesday, April 26th, 13.00-14.30)

Session Chair: Monica Munoz-Torres (orcid:0000-0001-8430-6039)

Time (CEST) Title
13.00-13.20 🎞️ Promoting the longevity of curated scientific resources through open code, open data, and public infrastructure
Charles Tapley Hoyt
13.20-13.40 🎞️ Single Cell Expression Atlas and FlyBase - the Fly Cell Atlas Anatomograms – where data meets art
Nancy George
13.40-14.00 🎞️ Leveraging crowdsourcing and curation prioritisation for maintenance of clinical gene panels
Arina Puzriakova
14.00-14.10 ⚡ Community SARS-CoV-2 Curation Driven Emergent Experiences - Increased Curation Efficiency and Learned Lessons for the Future
Marc Gillespie
14.10-14.20 ⚡ wwPDB Biocuration: Supporting Advances in Science and Technology
Irina Persikova
14.20-14.30 ⚡ Accessing UK Biobank-derived data through the AZ PheWAS portal, with reassigned phenotypic ICD10 codes.
Jennifer Harrow